‘Daddy, pick me up!’ screams boy after Syria bomb attack

931334IDLIB: In the aftermath of a barrel bomb attack in Syria’s Idlib, nine-year-old Abdel Basset al Satuf tries to sit up, his legs blown off, and screams “Daddy, pick me up!” Abdel Basset was caught in a barrel bomb attack by Syrian forces on Thursday in the town of Al Hbeit, in northwest Idlib province. The harrowing footage of the young boy screaming for his father as he struggles to sit up, his legs turned to bloody stumps, quickly spread on social media. The child was taken to a hospital in the provincial capital Idlib city for preliminary treatment, but on Friday he and his father were transferred to Turkey for specialised care. In an ambulance about to head to the border, Abdel Basset recounted the incident as his father Taan tried to keep his composure. — AFP