Curbs on agri products’ transport by road

Muscat, Aug 12 – The Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries has issued a ministerial decision to regulate the transport of agriculture products through land ports. The new decision bars the entry of agriculture products via land ports if vehicles do not have refrigeration facility. These vehicles must be exclusively used for carrying food and agriculture products. Cooling devices should not be switched off any time as long as the fridge is loaded with agriculture products. Penalties include an administrative fine of not more than RO 1,000, according to the decision effective from June 1, 2019.

These vehicles should be equipped with equipment that can maintain appropriate temperature for products. Equipment with indicators showing temperature and relative humidity should be placed at a prominent position to facilitate reading from outside. Drivers of these vehicles should clean the fridge and ensure the packaging of agriculture products are in an orderly manner. Drivers should not mix agricultural goods of different varieties in one shipment unless they comply with the following requirements: heat and humidity, absorption of odour and sensitivity to cold/allergic reactions.

Zainab Al Nassri