Coronavirus: Latest numbers from Gulf countries

Muscat: Governments across the Middle East region are preparing measures to head off a new wave of coronavirus cases as people flee an explosion of the disease.

GCC countries have been intensifying preventive measures including travel bans and complete closure of malls and restaurants.

Across the region, Qatar has the highest number of Covid-19 cases with 439 cases. Qatar on Monday reported 38 new cases, most of them are related to migrant workers that were under quarantine.

Kuwait so far has 130 coronavirus cases with 7 new cases.

Bahrain reported a total of 228 cases till Tuesday. Bahrain on Monday had reported the first death from Covid-19 virus.

Saudi Arabia has 133 cases so far with 5 new cases reported on Tuesday. The Kingdom had taken stringent measures to tackle the virus outbreak including temporarily suspended government work and ordered public-sector workers to stay home for 16 days. Malls and restaurants as well as shops, coffee shops, parks and gardens were also ordered shut.

The UAE reported 98 cases with no new cases. Meanwhile, the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs has called on its citizens abroad to return home due to travel difficulties amid the spread of coronavirus and suspensions of flights from some countries.

Oman so far has 24 coronavirus cases. The ministry of health on Tuesday said out of 24, 12 cases were totally recovered and rest are in stable condition.

Midhun Raj

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