Commerce, Industry ministry plans to survey small establishments

MUSCAT: The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, represented by the Directorate General of Industry, intends to conduct an industrial survey of small establishments with less than 10 workers, besides the annual industrial survey for 2018 with 2017 as focus.
Saleh bin Mahmoud al Zedjali, Director of Industrial Information Department, at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry said that the survey aims to provide industrial information for those facilities and to identify the consumption of electricity, water and raw materials, as well as familiarising with their output during the year and the value of goods produced by these industrial enterprises.
He added that through the survey, it will be possible to identify challenges facing small industrial enterprises and familiarise with the high cost of production and lack of raw materials, as well as the reasons for lack of demand from consumers of these facilities and lack of equipment and transport problems among others.
Al Zedjali affirmed that this survey will contribute to the provision of an integrated database for small industrial enterprises.
He added that the survey data will be used in the development of plans, policies and development programmes and other purposes that serve the development. — ONA