Clear Covid-19 violation fines before travel abroad

MUSCAT: Driving around in Oman was not easy during  Covid-19  lockdowns due to restrictions and penalties imposed on violations.

But those on the wheels still have a lot of concerns as they started going to work following ease in the lockdown measures that include removal of checkpoints at several places.

Their concerns varied from the number of passengers in a vehicle and the need to wear a mask while driving.

“What do we do as our driving license expired?” has been a common question from the drivers.

Observer spoke to Major Mohammed al Hashami, Royal Oman Police and he said, “As of now it is fine for the drivers to continue with the expired license and there will not be a fine issued when they eventually go for the renewal of the license.  So drivers can continue to use their current license until the ROP Service Centers open.”

The Director-General of Traffic carries out the task of vehicles’ inspection and testing as well as licensing of drivers in addition to the investigation of traffic accidents as well as installation of road signs.

During the pandemic, ROP has also been assigned with monitoring and issuing fines for coronavirus violations such as appearing in public without masks and gathering.

Fines for traffic and coronavirus violations, which are spearheaded by the health authorities but monitored by the Royal Oman Police, have to be cleared prior to their departure if individuals are traveling out of Oman.

 “Both the traffic and coronavirus violation fines can be paid online through the ROP App. When a person accesses the ROP app they will be able to see the violations if any.  Individuals cannot travel unless they clear their fines,” said Al Hashemi.