Cleaning up of Luban mess in Dhofar continues

Salalah: Dhofar Municipality continued its cleaning and restoration of infrastructure to erase the damage caused by heavy rains and flash floods in various parts of the governorate. The clean-up department is working two shifts a day to clean roads and remove debris from the streets of Salalah. The sanitary drainage department is working hard to siphon rain water off the streets of neighbourhoods while the road department is restoring lighting in affected roads.

The municipality’s call centre is still receiving reports from citizens and residents on a daily basis and sending the reports to the competent authorities. In the Wilayat of Mirbat, the municipality is making great efforts to discharge rainwater from emergency shelters. It also removed rainwater from some roads in the Niyabat of Tiwi Ateer in coordination with the municipality’s service centre. Taqah Municipality has carried out a lot of works during the last two days including removal of sand from the roads, opening the Jabjat-Jailoub road which was damaged due to soil erosion caused by flash floods cutting off the vehicular movement. The municipality in Dhalkout has managed to restore the Dhalkout-Hafout road which was affected by heavy rains.