Cleaning operations in full swing

SALALAH: The cleaning operation has started in full swing in Salalah. The civic committees are doing the cleaning works in coordination with Public Authority of Civil Defence and Ambulance, Royal Oman Police and local volunteers. The operation has been initiated in all the areas simultaneously and most of the trees which had fallen on main roads and service roads have already been removed. In some cases, where big trees had fallen, the civic bodies involved Civil Defence personnel who used heavy cutters, loaders and cranes to
remove them.
The major public concern now is removal of water from low-lying waterlogged areas.
Some areas still have waist deep water, which is causing inconvenience in regular transport.
In terms of water, Salalah now has two sides, the areas which are totally free of waterlogging and Salalah which has water.
Life in non-waterlogged areas is normal as people there have resumed normal life, but for people in waterlogged areas it is difficult even to go out of their houses.
The civic authorities are assuring people that they have already started the exercise and improvement would be visible from tomorrow.
One big challenge facing the civic bodies is removal of water from the basement of most of the houses.
Gushing rainwater has entered the basement units even in the houses which are located at higher levels.
“If not removed immediately, it will start stinking and cause disease also. It should be given top priority,” said Reshma Momaya, who works as a lecturer in Salalah College of Technology.

When contacted the Salalah Municipality, officials confirmed that they were informed of the situation and trying to fix the issue as early as possible.
Some residents have also raised the issue of the clearance of dead animals from some areas.
They also pointed out towards garbage disposal and about being careful about the diseases that crop up after floods.
“In those areas which are waterlogged the garbage bins have been drowned and the garbage is floating. This needs immediate attention. They already have started stinking and it is difficult for people to dispose of the garbage,” said another resident of Al Quof area. All the issues, however, are being taken care of by the authorities as they were seen inspecting the areas and making reports for proper action.

Kaushalendra Singh