Cities wear festive look; pride soars to new heights

NIZWA, Nov 17 – Ahead of the National Day, Al Dakhiliyah Governorate wears a festive look, thanks to the flag decorations on Nizwa Fort and the souq, decorations on buildings and government departments, and stickers and colours on vehicles. While the Nizwa Fort was decorated with flags, posters of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos were placed at the fort entrance for the National Day, which will be celebrated on Sunday. The souq was decorated with the national flags.
The ministries and government institutions, as well as shops, have decorated buildings and establishments, with Omani flags.
All schools, colleges and universities will celebrate the day by having dance, poetry and cultural programmes.
“Nizwa Fort will celebrate the day with Al Razha, a display of Omani products, handicrafts and participation from different schools,” said officials from the fort.
Celebrations will be held at the Nizwa Cultural Centre in the morning, according to the Department of Heritage and Culture and Tourism Department of Al Dakhiliyah.
“Early morning, we will have a reception for children. We will welcome them at the centre’s children’s library and give them gifts. The theatre will have a programme for visitors with competitions and a folk arts show,” Ahmad al Tamimi, Director of the Department of Heritage and Culture in Al Dakhiliyah, said.
“Along with the Bawader International Company, we plan to hold an exhibition of 40 Omani photographs on November 20 at Nizwa Fort. Directorate-General of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources in Al Dakhiliyah will hold a programme in which students will recite poems and participate in the celebrations on Sunday morning,” Yarub bin Qahtan al Yahyai, Director of Municipality of Nizwa, said.
Meanwhile, a group of Pakistanis have put up a 50-meter flag on the roof of the old market in Nizwa.
“We consider Oman as our first country. We are grateful for all that it has given us,” said one of them.
Many have begun to decorate their cars and vehicles in an innovative way. Even the children have fixed flags on their cycles.
The people of Nizwa are preparing to take a march of loyalty and gratitude to His Majesty the Sultan, organised by the National Equestrian Committee, in Nizwa on Monday.
They will march from the Eid prayer place to Nizwa souq.