Check bill before you leave cash counter

MUSCAT, Sept 26 – Check the bills before you leave the premises after shopping and bring discrepancies, if any, to the notice of the management, the Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP) has told customers. The warning comes in the wake of a video posted by a customer on social media about the alleged wrong calculation of prices of items he had purchased from a supermarket. “A customer should be aware of what he is buying and what the unit price is and check the final bill to see if the price charged and the quantity purchased matches,” a source at the PACP told the Observer.

“If he finds some discrepancy later, he should inform the management. If it does entertain his complaint, he can complain to the consumer protection authority.” Meanwhile, the management of the retail outlet has said the customer had wrongly calculated the billed amount. “Customers are requested to contact our customer relations department for clarification or if they have any issues,” said the outlet’s marketing manager. “We have placed signboards advising customers to check all items before leaving the counters and to bring any concerns to our attention,” he added.