Charter flight for Ghana on Sep 5

Muscat: Ghanaian nationals, who are stuck in the Sultanate due to non-operation of international flights, will travel home on Saturday, September 5.

“Finally we can send these Ghanaians who were stranded in the Sultanate after the flights were suspended some five months ago,” said Joe Aboagye, representative of the Ghanaian Community, told the Observer.

“It is an occasion to thank the authorities of the Sultanate who facilitated the flight.”

Nearly 40 Ghanaians were stranded due to the expiry of their visit visa, while some lost jobs as their contracts got over. Some of them are elderly people.

“It has been quite a process to find a flight for the Ghanaians. Despite their long wait, it has come as a relief to them.”

The head of the Ghanaian Community of got them fly back home, thanks to two different carriers and they were charged minimally, according to Joe.

“We also thank the other members of the Ghanaian community who helped to pay for those who could not afford the tickets Special thanks to the Ghana Embassy in Riyadh, especially Collins Osei, Habib Issaka and Marcel Domayele,” adds Joe.

The flight will leave Muscat at 6.20 pm on September 5 to Dubai. And from Dubai, it will take some more Ghanaians and fly at 10pm the same day.