Challenges of Suhar investors discussed

The board of directors of Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industries (OCCI)’s North Al Batinah branch on Thursday met with Omar bin Mahmoud al Mahrizi, the CEO of Sohar Freezone, Deputy CEO of Sohar Port, to identify the services and investment opportunities provided by Suhar Port.
The meeting discussed the challenges faced by investors and business owners in view of the increase in charges of carriage goods and handling.
Abdullah bin Ali al Shafei, chairman of the board, said: We are keen to follow up the feedback that we receive from private sector institutions and we will forawrd the proposals to competent authorities to facilitate improve performance of these institutions.
The board expressed its appreciation for the efforts made by Sohar Industrial Port in attracting investments, developing freight traffic and contributing to creating a several commercial ventures.
The role of Sohar Port also came in for appreciation as it provides business opportunities for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), which in turn make a good contribution towards boosting the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).