Celebrating Qaranqasho at home

Qaranqasho, a special tradition celebrated on the 14th day of Ramadhan every year in most parts of Oman, is a time of rejoicing for children. In villages, they go out in groups and knock on the doors of neighbours, greeting them and asking for sweets and gifts.

This year, children were forced to stay indoors and mark the occasion in the company of their siblings alone, due to the lockdown restrictions enforced in the country following the coronavirus pandemic.

Children celebrated the occasion at home as a family affair when they received gifts and sweets from their parents and elder siblings. Parents prepared a couple of giveaways of preferable sweets and lollies for their children so that they do not miss this day. Amazing Qaranqasho arrangements with traditional vintage touches were made for them.

For instance, in the Wilayat of Barka, three sisters Alyan al Balushi, 10, Eylaf al Balushi, 8, and Adeem al Balushi, 3, marked the occasion with much enthusiasm, though with a difference this time. Dressed up in their finest traditional colourful clothes, they looked charming as they wore their pieces of jewellery and put on make-up.

They took photos and sang “Qaranqasho mum and dad, give us some sweets”. They repeated the same song walking inside the house, going from one room to another asking for sweets and chocolates.

Alyan, Eylaf and Adeem gathered at a place designated for them to celebrate the evening of Qaranqasho. They shared the sweets and enthusiastically unwrapped the gift packets they received. They were surprised to find a beautiful collection of delicious and favourite sweets they received from their parents.

They had a thrilling and entertaining evening with their family members. It was a night filled with laughter, happiness, and unforgettable moments, that saw sharing and receiving of sweets and money. The evening gave them the feel of the traditional Qaranqasho and a taste of the past, which they enjoyed every year.