Celebrating Oman at book fair

By Lakshmi Kothaneth — MUSCAT: March 1 – Desert Pageantry by the Royal Cavalry of Oman, written by Henry Dallal, is a must-have for all horse lovers since it is complete book with details and amazing pictures. The Desert Pageantry gives a close view of the special status horses enjoy in Oman, especially in the Royal Cavalry of Oman.  At the Muscat International Book Fair, there is a pavilion that celebrates Omani architecture. The décor is so exquisite that many visitors want to take pictures here.
It’s the cut-out of the interior of a traditional building complete with doors and arches in shades of brown. This is the introduction to the book titled, ‘Silent Journey’, authored by Aida al Rowas. It gives an overview of the inception and construction as well as the local architectural heritage and artistic aspects of ‘Dar Abdul Aziz al Rowas’ located in Salalah.
943175It was in November of 1977 that Al Rowas first came to Oman. It was the seventh National Day of Oman. In her book, ‘Oman Faces and Places’, the author says: “From the moment of arrival, I was mesmerised by the beauty of the natural environment in which Muscat is set and the magic of its silent mystique. I was given an opportunity to venture deep into Oman’s heartland, where I was welcomed with graciousness into the daily lives of the people. I captured some of the unassuming moments encountered using my simple camera. My travels took me from the interior region to the Wilayat of Sur and finally to Dhofar’s beautiful countryside and the region’s principal city, Salalah.”
The in-depth understanding of the culture and architecture of Oman comes into being through the book ‘Silent Journey’, a modern perspective of Omani traditional architecture.
The Middle Eastern Information Centre from Egypt is doing brisk business. The book stall’s biggest attraction is the collection of academics.
A peek into the subjects that have gone out of stock reveals the topics are media, social media and entrepreneurship. “Shoppers have been keen on these topics, in addition to ‘Do it yourself’ projects such as mechanics, plumbing and electronics,” said the centre’s representative.
Another book that shows the changing times is under the title, ‘Social Photography’, which teaches how to make your social pictures stand out.
The attraction for readers of self-development books is Steve Harvey’s Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success — Discovering your gift and the way to life’s Riches, John C Maxwell’s the 5 Levels of Leadership and the ABCs of Success by Bob Proctor.