Celebrate the simple life

Sayeh Woodman –
sayehwoodman@outlook.com –

Ditch the tech toys and the expensive family activity parks and holidays – get back to the basics with some cheap fun in the sun and what better place than on your own doorstep. I know I’ve touched on this matter before, but after talking and catching up with a few friends in Muscat, I wanted to remind you that you have some beautiful sights and beaches, so why pay to go elsewhere.
This Ramadhan Kareem, nothing beats family and friend time. Start planning ahead to create the excitement and togetherness. The weather is bound to be beautiful in Muscat so is perfect for lots of outdoor activities, and enjoy nature when it’s alive with wildlife and celebrations that makes everyone smile. This is the time for good old-fashioned fun that means no IPads or play stations required.
Take a camping trip: If the idea of holidaying with small children with out showers and toilets is daunting – why not sleep outside for a bit of fun. Yep, not far to go at all – the back yard! This may seem pointless to you, but it will be really exciting for the kids, and after all it’s all about pleasing the children right? It will be an everlasting memory to the children especially if you make dens up. The added bonuses are that all the amenities of your house and kitchen are close at hand and without any moans, groans and ‘are you nearly there yet?’
But the golden rule is to turn off the phones and tech gadgets and instead bring a pack of cards and games. Turn-on on the torches and tell campfire stories, although funny ones instead of the scary kind. Sing campfire songs. Be silly and expressive. Toast marshmallows on a camp stove, or make hot chocolate with marshmallows; you would be forgiven for cheating and using the kitchen when no one is looking!
Pack a picnic: Always a winner for after Ramadhan, in fact any time. A good picnic on the beach or in the gardens. Just a few sandwiches, crisps, fruit or even the traditional rice and shawarma chicken in a rucksack. I know lots of you head out already with the big blankets, but invite even more people. Take a football and Frisbee and radio and spend the afternoon in a beautiful spot, away from the hustle and bustle and really enjoy and soak up every moment.
Pack a disposable camera and let the kids snap away. They can enjoy making a memory scrapbook with these when they are printed and relive the family fun again while they do.
Water, water everywhere! Fun with soakers and sprinklers is so much fun and memorable. It might be a bit simple, but it’s always the simple things that are great and fun. Lots of laughter and shouting and running will keep everyone active and happy. Invest in some water games for huge fun.
Just a few family and friend simple and cheap ways to fun this Ramadhan Kareem. It’s a time for celebrations and getting together. These fun ways can be used every weekend when you have free time. Start planning and organising the family to set a date and then enjoy!