Be cautious on roads, stay safe during Eid

Muscat, June 24 –
Do not speed, check vehicle and road conditions and take extra caution to avoid accidents, the Royal Oman Police (ROP) has urged.
While reminding both citizens and visitors that most fatal accidents happen during the holiday season, a ROP official advised, “Maintain speed limit and be cautious that
anything can happen while you are on the road.”
With many travellers using Oman’s highways during the holiday season, drivers should be cautious against wrong overtaking,
speeding, swerving, and tailgating, the official said.
Many visitors to Oman do not know enough about traffic and safety conditions on the country’s roads.
“The Sultanate’s terrain is very mountainous. When combined with high travel speeds and high traffic volumes, all of this sharply increases the potential for crashes,” pointed out the official.
Road users need to know the driving behaviour in Oman, such as necessary use of indicators and weather conditions, including unexpected rains, the official said.
“The good quality roads lure many to drive at excessive speeds. This should be avoided,” he said.
It is always best to stick to the speed limit and allow for slowdowns where there are at grade junctions, roundabouts, traffic signals and merges from side roads.
The number of road accidents has seen a substantial fall over the first five months of the year, registering a 21.1 per cent decline to reach 1,906.
While fatalities dropped 10.3 per cent, 36 Omani women lost lives as against 23 last year, according to National Centre for Statistics and Information data. The number of expatriate deaths fell by 25 per cent to 72 during the period.