Caring for the elderly, human rights issues come under study

MUSCAT: The Social Committee of the State Council on Tuesday hosted Issa bin Hamad al Azri, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Justice and officials of the Human Rights Commission, as part of the committee’s study of the proposal ‘The reality of the elderly in the Sultanate’.
The committee held its sixth meeting for the first annual session of the seventh term, headed by Walli bin Nasser al Shukaili, Deputy Head of Committee, in the presence of the committee members and Secretariat staff.
The discussions focused on the human rights issues related to the study, including: international and Gulf legislation and laws specialised in protecting and caring for the elderly, and the reality of caring for this category in the Sultanate, relating national legislation and policies.
In addition, it reviewed the experiences of some Arab countries and their legislation related to the care of the elderly.
The study aims to examine the international and domestic policies and legislation for the care and protection of the elderly and identify the Sultanate’s programmes and services in the field, besides examining the appropriateness of national legislation and policies and assessing the available social, health and economic services.
The committee also discussed the current situation and its adequacy to meet the needs of the elderly against the backdrop of rapid urbanisation and population growth.
Also on Tuesday, the Education and Research Committee of the State Council hosted officials of the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates (Madayn), within the framework of the committee’s study on ‘The reality of scientific research and the role of private sector companies in supporting and developing it’.
It was the fifth meeting of the first annual session of the seventh term, headed by Mohammed bin Hamdan al Toobi, Committee Head, and attended by the members of the committee and employees of the General Secretariat.
The committee discussed with officials a number of study areas including challenges being faced by scientific research, the role of Madayn in its support, the national research competencies and its ability to carry out qualitative research and proposals to contribute to the development of the system of scientific research support. During its meeting, the Education and Research Committee hosted Dr Nasser bin Mubarak al Maliki, Director General of the National Business CentRE (Oman), Dr Khamis bin Saeed al Mughairi, Director of the Madayn Academy, and Shaikh Ahmed bin Ali al Hinai and Director of the Social Responsibility Department at Madayn.
The study aims to ascertain the local, regional and global policies and legislation, organise the private sector’s contribution to scientific research and raise its efficiency. It also aims to identify the contribution of the private sector and international companies engaged in scientific research in the Sultanate and suggest legislation and mechanisms regulating their contribution to help localise technical expertise at all levels.

The Culture, Information and Tourism Committee of the State Council also held on Tuesday its sixth meeting for the first annual session of the seventh term, headed by Dr Aisha bint Hamad al Darmakiyah, head of the committee, in the presence of committee members and several General Secretariat employees.
The committee hosted officials of several bodies as part of the committee’s study on “Omani digital cultural content”.
The committee discussed with the officials several aspects to add value to the study. It included the mechanism of promoting the Sultanate through cultural content, electronic display of cultural content of the Sultanate, legislative mechanisms regulating the relationship between private and government agencies regarding the regulation of cultural content and the extent of cooperation with government institutions to publicise the Omani culture outside the Sultanate and the challenges facing some entities in organising and promoting cultural content.
The officials hosted included: Dr Ahmed bin Khalfan al Rawahi, Chancellor of the University of Nizwa, Dr Azizah bint Abdullah al Ta’eeiyah, member of Board of Directors of the Cultural Club, Ali bin Salim al Harthy, Member of the Board of Directors of the Omani Society for Writers and Literati, Khamis bin Rashid al Adawi, Head of the Founding Board of the A’Nnadwa Library and Dr Saleh bin Sulaiman al Zehaimi, member of the Founding Board of the Oman Memory Centre.