Cannons at Muttrah tell a thousand tales

MUSCAT, Aug 29 – Muttrah Fort, built in the 16th-century by the Portuguese, is ranked one of the top attractions in the Muscat Governorate. The fort, which officially opened this summer (during Eid al Fitr), has been seeing a remarkable turnout of tourists. According to sources, the fort was mainly used for military purposes as well as a detention centre. Its three circular towers offer a panoramic view of Muttrah and the surrounding areas.
Authorities have done a lot of renovation work at the fort, which is located atop a rocky mountain.

It exhibits nine old cannons. In the top yard of the fort, visitors can find a three-pounder Hotchkiss breech-loading gun intended to defend the port during the World War II. Hotchkiss was a French company. One can also see the English demi culverin or 12 pounders, approximately dating back to 1720. It was manufactured between 1716 and 1726. Authorities are working hard to develop the fort yard which receives hundreds of visitors during the tourism season beginning from October 1 every year. It can be visited from Sunday to Saturday in the morning as well as evening.