Camel beauty contest concludes in Barka

Staff Reporter –
Muscat, Jan 21 –
The Royal Court Affairs (RCA) represented by the Royal Camel Corps concluded the Camel Beauty competition for the season which was part of the 18th edition of the Annual Festival of Camel Races. The competition was organised at the Royal Camel Corps track in Al Felaij at the Wilayat of Barka during January 17 to 21. ‘Al Dhabi’ won the first place award in Al Houl category and Challenge race round. The owner of ‘Al Dhabi’, Hamed Khalfan al Mawali received a vehicle as the prize.
‘Azzah’ claimed the second place and Hamed al Mawali received the prize while ‘A’Deebha’ finished in third place and the owner Faisal Fahad al Hosni got the prize. ‘Al Dheebia’ owned by the Royal Camel Corps won the main round award and received the ‘Khanjar’ prize.
The five days competition featured 32 rounds in different Al Nouq categories. Six vehicles were arranged as prizes for the top winners of the challenge races rounds in Al Nouq categories. Besides giving vehicles as prizes, the organising committee handed over cash prizes for the top 10 winners in the each round.
The camel festival and competition was held under strict medical protocol and according to the directions of the Supreme Committee of COVID-19. The organising committee prohibited attendance of the fans and kids in the festival due to the pandemic and only the owners and technical staff of the participated camels attended the event.