Buraimi University completes accreditation

BURAIMI: The University of Buraimi (UoB), recently completed the first stage of OAAA’s institutional accreditation process, with the launch of its QA Report on February 22. The Audit Report features commendations, affirmations and recommendations as well as favourable comments and suggestions for improvement. The report commends UoB for providing practical training to students by establishing links nationally and overseas for internship placements for students in the College of Health Sciences that had positive impact on their learning experience; and for having developed a Student Information System (SIS) that is highly functional and effectively supports the varied needs of its constituents.
UoB has affirmed for its effort to meet the requirements of developing and implementing a comprehensive approach to addressing health and safety; for implementing pilot reviews for programme objectives and student outcomes in colleges; establishing relationships with other education providers; and for providing better serve students, faculty and other stakeholders.
The report also recognises the major improvement that UoB achieved in utilising the new campus.
UoB is also gratified to know that its student academic support and services such as mechanism for at-risk students, role of the Student Advisory Council, and provision of opportunities for students to enhance the academic climate, culture of learning, and student awareness of institutional regulations governing academic conduct are all appreciated by the Audit Panel. Along with the results, the report presents a set of recommendations in various areas.
These are meant as guidelines for the university to consider and reflect on in its current and future endeavours and genuine opportunities for improvement.
UoB is taking these recommendations with highest level of attention while looking forward to pass its second and last stage of institutional accreditation within three years from now.