British Institution hails Sultanate’s ICT tremendous development

London: A report prepared by Intelligent CIO, a technology intelligence platform specialising in information technology solutions, praised the development witnessed by the Sultanate in the field of information and communication technology (ICT), which strengthens the government’s efforts to diversify the national economy.
The report published today said that the Sultanate is at the forefront of digital transformation as one of the key initiatives for the country in line with its Vision 2040 and Digital Oman Strategy that lays emphasis on Digital Transformation and innovation to boost the economy and prosperity of the society.
The report added, “The e. Oman strategy focuses on IT industrial development in order to enable the society and individuals and enhance e-Government and e-Services in the next five years.”
It furthered, “These are further divided into achievable strategic pillars to advance the digital society and fabric of Oman, thereby enabling smart government and services, creating a vibrant digital and ICT led ecosystem, governance, standards and policies to guide this new framework.
The report also said that the impact of the country’s decision to scale digitalization has been incremental particularly in the governmental sector where the vision is to enhance end-user experiences and a welcoming response by people in adopting these technologies.
 It emphasized, “The Sultanate is rapidly upgrading citizen services and driving business transformation. Several digitization efforts are being led by the Ministry of Technology and Communication (MCT) to digitalise the government of Oman and its agencies for direct impact and to boost end-user services making them seamless, effective and efficient.”
 The report added, “In line with Oman’s public services digital 2022 plan to digitalize 59 public services across different government institutions, several technological changes are being led by MCT and are gradually being rolled out through automation to simplify processes for citizens, residents, tourists and the larger community. Making strong headway, the digital roadmap will help deliver the country’s commitment to boost Oman’s economy.
 Intelligent CIO’s report further said that the past years have seen a significant increase in transformation projects across Oman, both in the government and private sector, with immense utilization of IoT. It added that there is an increased adoption of open banking models as banks and financial institutions find new ways to drive easier, seamless and value-added banking experiences to deliver new and compelling customer experiences.
The report emphasized that the Sultanate is accelerating innovation to drive the digital future of the country in order to enhance the lives of residents and visitors and elevate public sector services. It added that the Sultanate of Oman has come a long way in offering increased productivity and efficiency as a nation as government entities continue to embrace newer technologies to fulfil their national commitments. –ONA

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