British Independent newspaper hails the late Sultan Qaboos

London: The late Sultan Qaboos Bin Said guided the country during his reign from medieval-style feudalism to global-looking policies that hastened modernisation and broad political influence, said the British Independent newspaper.

In a report published on Wednesday by the newspaper, it said that the Sultanate shunned the skyscrapers and extravagances under Sultan Qaboos’s rule, stressing that Muscat retained their traditional character and architecture as much as possible, which distinguished it from other Gulf capitals.

The newspaper added that the Sultanate concentrated on cultural firsts for the region. Among them: a world-class opera house and a symphony orchestra that reflected the late Sultan’s lifelong appreciation for music and his interest in world musical heritage.

The Independent furthered that the Sultanate provided during the reign of Sultan Qaboos other significant roles and enhanced its diplomatic role through official channels among many disputing parties in the region and the world at large. That made the late Sultan Qaboos a unique leader who managed to grant his country a mediating neutral role in the time of crises. –ONA


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