Luban makes landfall in Yemen

SALALAH: The latest Met report suggests that the Luban has made a landfall in Yemen and has converted into depression. Some areas of Dhofar still have chances of receiving rains today and tomorrow.

Salalah received a total of 11mm rainfal (recorded at Salalah Airport), while places like Sadah in the East and Dalkhout in the West received maximum rains. Sadah received 70.8mm rain, while 89.0mm rain recorded in Dalkhout. It was raining at both the places at the time of filing this report. Chances are there that Salalah would receive more rains today and tomorrow.

“Luban has gone to Yemen, now we have only clouds, but the weather continues to be unstable in the Dhofar Governorate. We can expect rain for the next 24 hours. Luban has now been degraded to depression with a speed only of 24 knots (44.448km/h),” an official at the Met office confirmed.

The source also confirmed that the seas continued to be rough with wave height of three to five metres and urged the fishermen to be cautious.