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Dr Ali Tahrini

The Internet we surf every day is nothing but the surface of the actual net. Just like an iceberg, the vast majority of the Internet is hidden underneath the surface. This part of the Internet cannot be searched by normal search engines, as it does not use the same protocols used in the Internet we know. The surface web, that we use daily and follows international protocols and rules, covers only four per cent of the Internet, while 96 per cent is considered deep web and it do not follow any rules that’s why it contains illegal activates and horrible websites.

Deep web is a double-edged weapon. It could have some pros although its cons are quite serious. In deep web, users can get high degree of anonymity while accessing deep web’s contents. There is a lot of content on the deep web; the user can get a lot of information on a specific topic. Also, it contains information that might not be available on the visible web; such kind of confidential information can be used for the advantage of governmental agencies all over the world.

Deep web helps save time and effort in searching as it allows its user to find a precise answer to any question. On the other hand, the anonymity that the deep web provides gives an opportunity for criminals to use it as a platform where they can practice their illegal activities like drug dealing, money laundry and human trafficking.

To have access to the deep web, you need to have a special browser (Tor) which allows users to enter this world, besides normal websites the surface. There are two different ways to search within the deep web. The first way is using a special search engine (Grams) which looks like but way too complicated than how Google works, because of the different procedures Gram uses.

The second method is typing the website’s address which is not a conventional address as W3 standards and other internet protocols. There are many examples of deep web websites such as Hidden Wiki which has the same features of Wikipedia. However, it has an encyclopaedia of illegal information and leaks of sensitive information.

Another example is the Armory website that allows users to buy, sell and modify illegal weapons. The Silk Road website is another significant example where a huge number of drug dealer offer wide range drugs and narcotics. There is also website that allows people to rent a hacker who is willing to do any hacking activity for money.
Finally, Besa Mafia is an example of a website that allows users to hire a killer or hitman. However, no one there can be trusted. You may have conversation with website visitors -who are likely to be professional hackers – and they will try to access your computer seeking for information which will allow them to blackmail you.

Amazon, eBay, Best Buy and every single website which we buy items use secured payment methods like PayPal or credit card. But this is deep web that we are talking about; we cannot disclose our financial information. Wherefore, on October 31, 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto came up with the idea of Bit coins and world started using it on March 2010. The idea behind Bit coins is rich people who want to run away from taxes can buy Bit coins and store their money as digital currency. When it is just started, you could buy 10,000 bit coins for $50 but currently one bit coin worth $1,275 for its security, Bit coins are used as a payment method in deep web.
Many Users in the website Reddit (Multi Forum Website) talked about their experience searching the deep web. One of the users was someone known by the name of (cletch) he shared his experience as he searches the deep web and explores its dark side. He says “Was on Tor, browsing da usuals. Go out to eat foods at the Five Guys. Find a picture of me eating at Five Guys.”

Reddit user cletch says, “Was on Tor, browsing da usuals. Go out to eat foods at the Five Guys. Come back. More Tor. Find a picture of me eating at Five Guys.
The fact that the size of internet we use every day is nothing compared to the size of the deep web could be terrifying to some people. Although, IT experts might find it as a source of valuable information.
Will this part of the internet be used in the future? Will it be a part of our daily life? Or is it going to be a futuristic hideout for the most dangerous criminals?
What is known for now is that the deep web is a dangerous place where criminals take advantage of the anonymity feature to practice illegal actions. Entering this world could compromise users’ personal information and data or in worst cases their lives!

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