Blog: Changing for change

Vinod Nair

As we enter the month of February, I am too anxious about how things would turn out to be in the next 11 months. The US politics will be closely watched day by day and policy by policy this year. Right from my growing years, polls across the Atlantic envisaged interest only in every eight years as generally the incumbent presidents have been reelected after their first-term. Based in a country’s whose economy and lifestyle are driven by oil prices, recovery of prices has brought hope if not cheers. The market is still sluggish and predicted to be like that for most part of this year. Low oil prices have had its good side too; airfares have been on the lower side for most of that 20 months and continue to do so.
That may change if the economy in this part of the world picks up and people start travelling more often then they do now. But in an era of intense competition, I am sure that the prices will never go to the level they were some five to ten years ago.
My entry to the world of Apps and social media has been through an Android-driven smartphone. For some software-related disruptions and battery life, there was this temptation to to try a hand at an iPhone, with its budget version. Not the one to change a mobile with every new model launch, and provided Apple supports me with timely updates, iPhone will come to stay for some time 🙂 All eyes on next iPhone and Samsung launches!

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