Blending cultures

With 52 photos blending Omani and Italian cultures, the Photographic Society of Oman (PSO) of the Ministry of Arts Affairs held the Omani-Italian Photography Exhibition at the headquarters of PSO in Al Seeb.
Italian photographers with 31 photos and Omani photographers with 21 of their works showcased for the first event of 2020 last Sunday.
Dr Abdulmunim al Hasani, Minister of Information, presided over the opening ceremony of the joint international exhibition.
The photographs of the Omani photographers reflected the traditional aspects of Omani life in a clear way, starting from the traditional clothes worn women, men and children, decorated by the traditional jewellery giving additional glamour.
The portraits and nature images prevailed over most of the exhibition.
The faces of the elders and women especially reflect another aspect of the Omani traditions where old women used to put on their forehead some kind of herbs as fragrance.
In addition to this, various aspects of life in the desert through people, places, sands and animals including camels, deer and horses were exhibited.
Some photos also reflect the distinctive Omani architecture in different places, folklore and some traditional customs and traditions practised by the Omanis.
On the Italian side, the photos focused on celebrations, such as pictures of marches, gatherings and carnivals, in which the colour diversity was evident, along with dances in the streets and weddings, military parades on horses and guard shows, boat gatherings in Italian waters.
There are some photos on industries, in addition to pictures reflecting nature and the Italian beautiful buildings.
This partnership is significant because one translates Omani politics through relationship with others and art deepens this relationship between peoples.
“The PSO translates these principles into photo galleries in coordination and partnership with a large number of photography societies in brotherly and friendly countries,” said Dr Abdulmunim.
The exhibition runs until January 16 and is organised by PSO and sponsored by International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) to record the cultural and social movement in both countries and their reflection in the work of photographers.