Bikers from GCC steal the show in Khareef Salalah

Salalah: The neighbours can’t remain unaffected when there is festivity in the neighbourhood. A group of bikers from the GCC countries proved this while making it to Salalah all the way from their respective countries and meeting finally in Salalah with their passion mates called Oman Road Riders and Nizwa Bikers.

After covering almost 2,200 kilometres of journey mixed with sweat and smiles these bikers made it to the Jewel of Gulf, Salalah. They heaved a sigh of relief soon after entering into the Gate of Salalah, that is located very close to the place Called Qairun Hariti.

Due to its location and condition Qairun Hariti remains cool most of the year and during summer it becomes a point from where visitors start counting their pleasant days in Salalah during the monsoon season.

The bikers admitted that they had an entirely different feeling of coolness as soon as they entered into the Gate of Salalah and were happy to experience the nature’s beauty they had heard a lot.

A total of 100 to 150 riders showcased their joy of being in Salalah during Khareef and solidarity with Oman when the country is celebrating its 49th anniversary of the modern blessed Renaissance.


Out of these 150 bikers some 50 had come from the other GCC countries. Some chose to drive all through their countries while some shipped their bikes to Salalah and took part in group show organised by Oman Road Riders and Nizwa Bikers. They also took part in a carnival organised by the Salalah Tourism Festival (STF).

Hussain Makki al Humaid and his nine friends came riding their bikes from Saudi Arabia and were very happy to be in Salalah during Khareef. They were looking happy and a feeling of accomplishment after defying long journey odds was there on their faces.

For them the temperature difference before reaching Salalah was very big. “We faced high temperature up to 48 degrees and chose to drive mostly during the night. It was drastic fall of 26/ 27 degrees when we touched Salalah.”

“Yes it was some 2,200 kilometres from Qatif in Saudi Arabia to Salalah which took us 24 hours to reach at Ibri. There we met our friends and Omani bikers. We are thankful to both the groups – Oman Road Riders and Nizwa Bikers – for their hospitality and idea of exploring Salalah during the Khareef season,” said Hussain al Humaid.

He admitted that he and his friends from Saudi Arabia enjoyed every bit in Salalah and could reach some places where it was not possible to explore through four-wheel vehicles.

He, however, is so thrilled to experience Salalah that he is planning to come here again next year along with his big family comprising of his wife, parents, grandparents and some cousins. “I will tell my friends also to visit Salalah due to great experience I had here. It is wonderful to be in Salalah during Khareef,” he said.

The bikers moving in groups in different parts of the city gave an interesting sight for the residents and visitors as many of them were seen taking selfies on their stopovers at some tourist spots or the other.

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