Believe us O Mother Earth, we can handle any virus now!

By Dr Priti Swarup

As I step out of my home for an early morning breeze and look at the sky to thank the Almighty for everything, I see three clear distinctive celestial bodies glistening in the morning sky. They are definitely not stars, I tell myself as I take out my smartphone and decide to check through an app. And voila! They were Jupiter, Saturn and Venus. Clearly visible, radiating that cosmic charm through the blues. Or maybe, we never bothered to notice them before. Or maybe our selfish acts didn’t leave any room for us to see a clear blue sky in decades.

Man is a social animal. And greedy one. We had forgotten that our home, Mother Earth not only belongs to every human being irrespective of race, caste, religion, sex or class. We also have innumerable species of majestic and fabulous creatures and flora. However, a trash can is what we made of our home, intentionally or unintentionally. But what differentiates human from other animals, is its ability to think, observe, learn, unlearn and relearn. The global pandemic has made us stop, ponder and act. And act now. It’s a blessing in disguise. Lessons are being learnt. Mistakes are being accepted and realised.

Peacocks are seen around on the streets that were once full of vehicles and deafening sounds everywhere. Turtles, dolphins and whales are spotted at many beaches across the world, which are clean nowadays. Animals now feel safe, perhaps in decades. We can hear the birds singing and language of nature is far better understood now. There’s a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, air quality is all time purest and ozone is healing itself. Education and work shall see a tremendous change. With few teething troubles related to home-schooling and work-from-home options digitally, we hopefully shall sail through. So many positive outcomes welcome us with open arms.

We have actually learnt more about our children, partner and family members. We have learnt to survive with essentials. Brands don’t matter anymore. Few sets of clean clothes and appropriate footwear, good books to read and meaningful conversations are all we need to sustain. Money isn’t being spent on non-essential and leisurely activities. We have learnt to cook that is healthy and eat that is essential. We have understood the limitations of existing resources and one of the ways we can give back to the nature is use the resources meticulously and judiciously. We have learnt to help each other at home. We pray together. We are mindful of our health and it’s the topmost priority for everyone now.

Hand washing has become a ritual and personal hygiene is a norm for all. People have managed to get rid of their addictions be it smoke, liquor or substance. Yoga and meditation are part of our lives and we are much at peace, leaving aside the conundrums and hustle bustle the old world had given us. Living in the present, is our motto now. Social media is being used sensibly and diligently. Everyone around seems to be having a creative flair and the social media is now coloured with artworks, sketches, paintings and positivity to the fullest. We have become more patient. We are more compassionate towards fellow human beings.

Believe us O Mother Earth, we can handle any virus now! Please take us from darkness to a new light, light of hope, light of new life! And we hope you’ll forgive us soon O Mother Earth!

That day, Disneyland will be magical, and the Taj will shine again. Dubai Fountain shall once again sway graciously to Whitney Houston singing ‘And I will always love you’ and ‘Skyfall’ by Adele where the adjoining magnanimous Burj shall display ‘We did it’. Muttrah Souq shall once again be filled with unparalleled frankincense and New York shall stand strong as ever. Glistening Eiffel Tower shall again brighten up the Paris skies and fill it with immense love like never!

The writer is a Human Resource Management expert and has been living in Oman from June 2019. Email: