Beat the heat on ‘Sun Mountain’

Muscat, May 13 – At an altitude of 3,000 metres above sea level, Jabal Shams is the highest mountain in the Sultanate. It literally means ‘the Mountain of the Sun’. It provides a welcome relief to visitors, especially during the summer season. Reaching this unique mountain peak gives an opportunity to explore the extraordinary canyon called ‘Wadi Ghul’. It is popular for its terrace farming and deep gorges. This canyon is also called ‘the Arabian Grand Canyon’. A brisk walk around the edge of the canyon provides breathtaking views of the amazing scenery around.
Abseiling down the canyon at ‘Wadi Ghul’ is currently a common mountain activity fast catching up in this area with an exclusive trekking path charted from ‘Wadi Nakhar’ to the summit. In addition, this inimitable site gives visitors a great chance to get to know some of the traditional crafts. Many locals sell their handicraft products on the main road leading to the mountain. Others offer some of local, seasonal fruits such as apricots and pomegranates. Jabal Shams is an important tourist destination, especially in the summer. The mountain is characterised by temperate climate.