Be positive to fight virus

MUSCAT: Even as the COVID-19 fear continues its relentless threat to the world, people have started to live with the situation as is evident from life in Oman.

Most businesses including shopping malls and restaurants reopened, vehicles returned to roads and offices have reported more attendance signaling the revival of normalcy in the country.

Adding to the positive energy are those recovered from the infection and joined duty or opened their business establishments.

Seven weeks ago Wilson Thattakkat was self-isolated in his 2,100 sq ft villa in Madina Qaboos as he developed Covid-19 symptoms that he describes as being like a bad flu with mounting headache and sneezing.

The director of engineering at a leading international brand, knew well that he would catch the virus, as he came in contact though unknowingly, with his workers, some of whom were later tested positive.

Optimistic as he has always been, the 48-year-old, while in quarantine, on regular intervals would call up his subordinates to share with them the measures to be followed to stay fit both mentally and physically.

“I did not want to be cut off from anybody including my staff, friends or family members. Through video calling and group calls, I was connected with all of them. I did put on a brave face so that they remained positive. I had a strong feeling that I would recover and come out of it unharmed”, says Wilson.

While thanking his doctor for the healthy tips, he said that during the isolation, he would read on the internet and watch videos on Netflix that kept him away from the thoughts that he was struck with the microbe.

“I kept myself away from any negative news. As it is a time when you are required to be optimistic,” he says.

Shahin Abdulla, a salesman at a mobile shop in Ruwi, while sharing his tryst with the pandemic, said he felt chills down his spine when his diagnosis was confirmed positive.

“It was the time when people started dying in different parts of the world. Will I die? What will happen to my family then were the questions before me”, he said.

But the thoughts of how the health staff are dealing with the infected persons gave me the energy to combat a lonely fight against the pathogen.

“During my quarantine in my room, my friends helped get good food. At the same time, I ensured that they did not get an infection from me. So I kept maximum isolation as possible. I spent time reading the Holy Quran and chatting with my family back in India”, he said.

Now he is back at work as the shops have reopened. But he has a story to reassure that COVID-19 is not necessarily a death sentence.

With so many people battling the coronavirus, this man who has recovered had a message for all.

“The virus did not kill me, and instead it has made me more resolute and compassionate. Follow the guidelines from the authorities and stay fit. Also stay optimistic and don’t lose hope. You can recover from it and you will. Stay strong,” he advises.

Amit Patel, who had a miraculous escape from being infected with the virus, says care and precautions can keep the pandemic at bay.

Citing his example, he reveals that his family including an 80-year-old mother, wife and two children were infected even as his housemaid was tested positive two months back.

“We put her in one room while ensuring that she had all amenities inside so that she did not have to depend on us. Along with her, we too followed the quarantine measures. She cooked her food while we often got it in online”, he said.

While claiming that her road to recovery was smooth without infecting others, Amit said, “when we care for ourselves, we protect others as well”, he said.

An optimistic attitude can do wonders for patients’ recovery, he adds.