Be modest in your dress, visitors told

MUSCAT: As another long weekend in Oman’s holiday calendar begins today, scores of visitors are set to flood different travel spots in the Sultanate. While tour operators say this will be one of the busiest weekends of the year, a cautionary note comes from the authorities to the visitors, “abide by Oman’s cultural norms, dress appropriately and modestly”.
Although the Sultanate does not have a strict dress code for the visitors, an official at the Royal Oman Police told the Observer, “as visitors to Oman, they should respect the country’s culture and wear the dress accordingly in the public place.”
They should refrain from wearing ripped jeans, T-shirts that have offending notes or slogans printed on them, the official advised. In its guidelines, the Ministry of Tourism also urged the visitors to respect the local
culture and traditions that includes the dress code.
“Men and women should cover knees and shoulders with their dress. Avoid wearing shorts and skirts, sleeveless tops and clothes that are very tight or low cut,” the ministry says in an advisory note.
According to an official at the Muscat Municipality, the dress one wears in the public place should not offend the country’s culture.
“It is true that all people want to be comfortable with what they wear. At the same time, they should remember that they are in public places and the attire they wear covers their bodies,” he said.
Tour operators in the Sultanate also advise both domestic and international tourists to follow the guidelines to make their trips safe and more enjoyable.
“Male and female visitors to public places in the Sultanate should respect the cultural values of the country. Nevertheless, they must respect the nature of the country and wear clothes that don’t reveal much,” said Robin Mathews, an executive with a travel agency.
Some of the malls have also dress code policy in place to guide the visitors in wearing clothing that is culturally appropriate, and ensuring the comfort of all guests.