Be cautious stay safe

People living in the low-lying areas in Dhofar have been asked to shift to alternative shelters being provided by the authorities. The National Committee for Civil Defence in a statement said that shelters are being provided to citizens and residents who have to vacate their residences.
“As a direct impact tropical situation from cyclone Luban, rains are expected in parts of Dhofar. Hence the National Committee for Civil Defence appeals to citizens and residents to move away from the lowlands in the governorate and shift to shelters being provided in different areas by the authorities”, said the statement.

According to the statement, eight schools have already been turned as shelters in the wilayats of Rakhyout and Dhalkout.
The Directorate-General of Education had already announced closure of the schools in the governorate to ensure the safety of students and staff.
“This was also being done within the framework of turning them into shelters for those being evacuated from low-lying areas and also as official communication centres to deal with emergencies”, a statement said.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in a statement assured that all commodities including essentials are being made available to the people and there will not be any shortage of any items.
The ministry said that all possible steps are being taken in cooperation with different agencies to tackle the situation.

The Sultanate’s national carrier Mwasalat, in the meantime, suspended Salalah-Muscat and Al Mazyouna-Salalah services as per the forecast for extraordinary weather conditions.
“This is reflection of the company’s concern to ensure passenger’s safety during the weather conditions over the next few days,” the company said.

The Directorate General of Health Services in Dhofar announced that the Awqad Health Centre will remain open for 24 hours.
“In view of the weather forecast following the tropical storm Luban, a decision has been taken to operate Awqad Health Centre for 24 hours from Friday”, said a statement from the Directorate General.
At the same time, the Ministry of Health said that it has completed transfer of patients in the governorate.
“Transfer and re-location of all patients at the Cardiac Surgery Centre at Sultan Qaboos Hospital and Salalah Armed Forces Hospital have been completed,” said a statement from the ministry.
According to the statement, a total of 56 patients from critical care and preterm infants departments were transferred to the Cardiac Surgery Centre.
And 54 patients transferred to the Armed Forces Hospital in Salalah.