Bank Nizwa unleashes potential for future Omani leaders

MUSCAT, JULY 2 – Showcasing its support to developing Omani leaders in public and private sector industries, Bank Nizwa hosted participants in the ‘Accelerator Leaders’, one of the key programmes within the National Project for Accelerating Government Performance. The nation-wide programme is jointly organised by the Ministry of Civil Service, the Institute of Public Administration and the Information Technology Authority. Organisers have identified Bank Nizwa as a key stop for participants to gain knowledge related to improving efficiency standards and overall performance.
Sharing the Bank Nizwa successful journey to date, the ins-and-outs of how the bank soared to the top of the Islamic banking sector in Oman, while also, drawing from his own three decades of experience in the banking sector, Khalid al Kayed, CEO of Bank Nizwa welcomed the future Omani government leaders. Al Kayed highlighted how they can transform their daily routines to a high-performance culture, ultimately improving and optimising government processes across the board for the benefit of Oman, its economic diversification goals and prosperity of its people.
Al Kayed, said, “The main objective of a leader is to bolster bottom-line performance. This is not necessarily from a business perspective, rather from a management perspective. Therefore, these leaders of tomorrow must learn how to link strategy and leadership to improve overall performance. From our side, it was a great opportunity to support and contribute to their leadership development through our experience. We are here for these fine women and men to help them hone their skills and always adopt a high-performance culture, both key ingredients of success.”