Bank Muscat hosts media for Iftar as Ramadhan activities gain momentum

Bank Muscat, the flagship financial services provider in the Sultanate, in line with its vision ‘To serve you better, everyday’ hosted the media for an Iftar gathering as part of its month-long ‘Ramadhan Al Khair’ activities. The Ramadhan social gathering was attended by top officials of media institutions and advertising agencies and the Management Team led by Abdul Razak Ali Issa, Chief Executive. The programme included traditional Islamic musical entertainment and an exciting prize draw.
Aimed at promoting partnership in the progress and sustainable development of the nation, Bank Muscat pursues a dynamic communication policy, maintaining strong relations with the media. The bank frequently interacts with the media to highlight its major achievements and developments which are of interest to the public. Ensuring transparency in banking operations, the media interaction also serves as a forum where banking developments are discussed by experts in the bank.
Marking the holy month of Ramadhan, Bank Muscat lines up a series of social, cultural and religious activities. The varied Ramadhan activities by the bank include Iftar gatherings for stakeholders and customers, al Wathbah Ramadhan Souq to promote SMEs and Qaranqasho for children.
The Tadhamun initiative launched in partnership with the Ministry of Social Development is a major Ramadhan CSR programme which reaches out to social welfare families across the Sultanate, helping them to cope with the arid weather conditions. The programme focuses on distribution of basic electronic home appliances, including air-conditioners and refrigerators, to beneficiary families.
The Tadhamun convoy of vehicles carrying the bank’s employees and volunteers distributed basic electronic home appliances to over 140 beneficiary families in the governorates of Muscat, Dakhiliyah, Dhahirah and Sharqiyah. As part of the bank’s sustainability vision, the distribution of basic home appliances to an average 150 beneficiary families every year contributes to a safe, healthy environment in which children can be raised and adults can enjoy comfortable lives.
Aimed at supporting women entrepreneurs, the bank in association with Riyada — the Public Authority for SME Development, organised the annual al Wathbah Ramadhan Souq at the bank’s head office. Giving wings to start-up business establishments, the 3-day exhibition showcased a wide range of products, including designer apparel, accessories, food items, home decorations and much more at competitive prices. The Ramadhan Souq fulfils a critical need in creating avenues to successfully market SME products by women.
Committed to sustainable development, the bank utilises every opportunity for partnership in building the nation by creating opportunities for individuals and communities to grow and prosper. The bank works closely with local communities with the aim of improving living standards in a manner that complements the national economy.