Away Day

With winter setting in and with the weather conditions being conducive for outdoor activities, our boss came up with an idea of going away from work as a team. Everything was planned and set and we proceeded to that beach on the other side of the sea. This reserve is at a distance of 30-40 minutes by boat from the mainland. So we took a boat ride and this made it even more pleasurable with the accompaniment of some dolphins which were swimming alongside the boat. We enjoyed seeing the Rocky Mountains and the white-washed small houses that overlook the majestic sea.

We arrived at this remote beach and did several team building activities and together we had meals, laughed at those funny lines and teased each other mercilessly. We then just lazed around and enjoyed the company of each other. Because that beach was such a quiet and peaceful place, all we heard was the sound of the waves from the sea, some twitting birds and of course own voices. In everything else, there was a total silence!

We took an opportunity to escape from the norms. Yes, we fun-filled our day with entertaining activities. No doubt; away days are a wonderful opportunity to recharge batteries in order to remove that boredom and exhaustion. Away days can provide that inspirational spark, if they’re planned and managed in the right way. It’s partly for this reason that away days can be so valuable. They can allow individual to get back to each other and interact and in this way learn the strengths and weaknesses of each other.

So, there we were in that excitement and embarked on this trip and decided to go that far and it worked. After we arrived, there were no interruptions and unnecessary calls and disturbances from the urban life. We sat down and played and talked about life and what it means. We laughed over the silly things about the office life. We discussed what makes people great and what makes life and health the nicest thing to have. We walked small paths through the sands and appreciated its course. It was amazing to see texture and formation of the rocks just behind the sea. We did not forget to take photos to share on social networks.

We forgot about deadlines, long meetings and late nights work. We didn’t think about appointments, category management, claims and disputes, market inelegancy, tasks or even contracts optimization reviews. We awarded ourselves some quality time together away from the office.

Sometimes we need to introduce some fun together as a team. Well focused team building initiates and develops relationships between members of staff so that collectively the “team” can achieve an improved performance. Making some time for a little less pressure and a little more fun can easily translate into a little more productivity. Sometimes a simple approach, a break from the norm, will bring the quickest rewards. Go… go….go for it and enjoy!