Awabi tops in rainfall, sufficient water in dams

Muscat, July 17 – Wadis overflowed and life was disrupted as heavy rains lashed most of the governorates in the Sultanate in the past few days.
Wilayat of Awabi in South Al Batinah Governorate received the largest quantum of rain from July 13 to 15 (95 mm), while Rustaq received 79 mm, according to a report released by the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources (MRMWR).
Wilayat of Ibra and Wadi Al Maawil received 3mm of rain. Authorities were able to store sufficient rainwater in dams to be released in times of need, said a statement from the ministry.

“The reservoir of Wadi Tanuf in Nizwa had 0.68 million cubic metres of water, while the wadis in Rustaq collected 0.04 million cubic metres,” said a ministry spokesperson. Wilayat of Samayil received 71 mm of rain, followed by Nakhal (55 mm), Al Hamra (50 mm), Nizwa (40 mm), Izki and Al Khabourah (30 mm), Qurayat (28 mm), Ibri (25 mm), Suhar (23 mm), Yanqul (21 mm), Al Amerat (9 mm), Wadi Bani Khalid (6 mm), and Bidbid, Dhank and Mudhaibi, 4 mm each, while Wadi al Maawil and Ibra ranked lowest with 3 mm of rain.
“Rainfall measurement stations of Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources recorded highest amount of precipitation in the Governorate of Al Batinah, followed by Governorate of Al Dakhiliyah.”
Overflowing wadis were reported in Samayil, while in Al Hamra valleys flowed towards Bahla, disrupting traffic.
The Directorate-General of Meteorology at the Public Authority for Civil Aviation (PACA) forecast a minimum temperature of 30 degrees Celsius to a maximum of 37 degrees Celsius for Tuesday, with temperatures likely to drop to 28 and 35 respectively.