ASYAD opens registration for IBHAR incubation programme 2019-2020

ASYAD, the end-to-end logistics services provider in the Middle East, has announced that registration for the IBHAR Incubation Programme 2019-2020 is open until August 1.
The programme is designed to support the development of Oman’s logistics sector by empowering entrepreneurs and providing a wide range of support for startups and SME growth in the logistics sector.
Through the one-year incubation programme, IBHAR will offer incubator space, business support services, consultation, marketing and networking opportunities for start-ups. IBHAR will speed up the growth of start-up companies and guiding early-stage businesses on the road to commercial success within the logistics sector in Oman.
The incubation will focus on four main areas: manufacturing, services, technology and innovation. The programme will play a vital role in injecting commercial business and dynamic growth into the national economy, bringing new products and services to the logistics market.
It is worth mentioning that four start-ups will graduate from the 2018/2019 programme and 2019/2020 programme is expected to incubate ten projects. The registration form is available at: