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Omani women conferred with royal commendation medals


MUSCAT: His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik conferred Royal Order of Commendation on a number of Omani women.

The Honourable Lady, Spouse of His Majesty the Sultan presented the orders to the honourees during the Oman Womens’ Day celebration held under her auspices at Al Baraka Palace, on Saturday morning.

The Honourable Lady, Spouse of His Majesty the Sultan congratulated the Omani women on the occasion of the Omani Women’s Day which falls on October 17 every year.

The Honourable Lady, Spouse of His Majesty the Sultan delivered a speech during the celebration in which she said: “I would like to extend a well-deserved greeting to the Omani women who responded to the Renaissance call and carried the banner and are still helping to build a mighty Oman. My greeting goes to every Omani woman living inside or outside this dear land who have made or are still making unlimited effort that contributed to the high status the Sultanate has achieved whether, be they working women, nursemaids or students. I highly appreciate their efforts and constructive efforts in building and developing the nation be it through their vital role in bringing up children and preparing future generations or by performing their job duties in various locations.

I also would like to extend my congratulations to women peers from all around the world who are leading a dignified life on our dear country.

There is no doubt that the designation of this day as day for Omani women highlights their successive achievements, sheds light on their contributions and enhances their aspirations towards a brighter future for this dear country. The designation of the Oman Women’s Day was initiated as a generous support and a Royal attention from the late His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, may Allah the Almighty have mercy on him. The late His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said initiated the women empowerment approach in recognition of their leading role in various fields.

Over the past fifty years, the Omani women have earned great attention and honouring out of the belief in their role in building the civilization and the society and their contribution to the sustainable development. Consequently, Omani women were given chances for education, training and employment in order for them to actively participate in the march of modern development equipped with education and knowledge and armed with the laws and legislations that protect their rights and preserve their status so that the Sultanate keeps pace with the other countries of the world in terms of women empowerment as real and effective partners in development until the Omani women reached their current influential status for which they earned recognition from the international organizations involved in women empowerment.

In complementation of this wise approach, His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik is keen on reinforcing the principles of social responsibility and partnership between men and women in the Omani society with the aim of achieving integration of male and female sought by the civilized societies to achieve future aspirations and flourishment of nations. This approach was embodied by His Majesty’s assigning a number of senior government positions to excelling Omani women stemming from His Majesty’s recognition of their abilities and skills in performing the duties assigned to them.

I would also like to register a certificate of pride and appreciation to all those who are fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic in all sectors particularly the health workers. I would also like to express my appreciation to the female in the health sector and all the other sectors for their noble attitudes and sincere efforts.

Finally, I would like to say thank you to every Oman woman who is exerting great efforts in various fields. May Allah the Almighty protect our dear Oman and grant Omanis success in achieving progress and glory for Oman under the leadership of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik.” — ONA

His Majesty has conferred the Royal Order of Commendation (second class) to

Dr Fatima bin Mohammed al Ajmiyah, Under-Secretary for Financial and Administrative Affairs and Planning at the Ministry of Health.

The Royal Order of Commendation (third class) was conferred on Aisha bin Omar bin Ahmed al Habashiyah, Fareeda bint Musa bin Jumaa al Balushiyah, Zahraa bin Salim al Aufiyah, Engineer Yusra bint Khalaf bin Sulaiman al Sabhiyah.

The Honourable Lady also honoured during the celebration a number of female personalities who had an effective role in the embodiment of diligent woman.

The celebration was attended by female members of the State Council and Majlis Ash’shura and under-secretaries.

A total of 50 Omani women were honoured during the celebration. They are”

Dr Aisha bint Sulaiman al Shuhiyah, senior family medicine specialist at Daba Hospital who led a medical team that worked in the frontline in fighting Covid-19 and chaired the Omani Women Association in Daba.

Dr Amna bint Rabei bin Salmin bin Mabrouk, from the Royal Court Pension Fund, member of the general assembly of cinema and theatre, 2018, member of the board of directors of Omani Society for Writers and Literati. 2008.

Mariam bint Khalfan bin Khamis al Houtiyah, deputy supervisor of physiology department and quality supervisor at the Sultan Qaboos University.

Dr Zainab bint Nasser bin Mohammed al Balushiyah, head of surgery department at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital.

Dr Aqeela bint Mohammed bin Hassan bin Taqi, deputy senior pharmacist at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital.

Dr Shaikha bint Sultan bin Salim al Jabriyah, head of obstetrics and gynaecology department at Suhar Hospital.

Ahlam bint Mohammed bin Nasser al Toobiyah, assistant infection control officer at the medical services command.

Zainab bint Ali bin Jumaa al Maskariyah, head of emergency and crisis department at the Directorate-General of Health Services in South Al Sharqiyah Governorate.

Kamal bint Sulaiman bin Khalaf al Kharousiyah, consultant family medicine physician.

Air Major Mariam bint Amir al Rashdiyah, air navigation officer at Royal Air Force of Oman.

Rahma bint Qasim al Farsiyah, former director-general of museums.

Saada bint Salim bin Mohammed al Ismailiyah, director of women sports department at the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Youth.

Naeema bint Abdullah bin Mansour al Maimaniyah, fine artist, owner of Naeema Gallary in Muttrah.

aya bint Rashid bin Said al Alawiyah, entrepreneur and member of the board of directors of Al Buraimi branch of Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Aisha bint Mazar al Houtiyah, Royal Protocol retiree.

Afraa bint Ahmed al Yahiaiyah, director of Youth Radio

Khadeeja bint Hassan bin Sulaiman al Lawattiyah, Foreign Ministry retiree

Hameeda bint Salum bin Salim al Shikiriyah, director of the Department of Rural Development at the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources.

Dr Aida bint Saleem bin Salmeen al Hajriyah, retiree from the ministry of social development.

Labiba bint Mohammed bin Hamad al Maawaliyah, women affairs expert at the ministry of social development.

Raheema bint Habeeb al Musafir, has been involved in charitable work for 25 years.

Dr Limiaa bint Adnan al Haj, assistant professor at the college of science, Sultan Qaboos University.

Dr Badriyah bint Sulaiman al Fahdiyah, obstetrics and gynecology consultant.

Ghaia bint Salim al Manthriay, study and follow-up member at the ministry of education in Al Buraimi Governorate.

Makkiya bint Hassan al Kamzariyah, first teacher of Arabic at the ministry of education.

Naila bint Mohammed al Maamariyah, retiree from the Omani Society for Fine Arts

Karima bint Musalam al Khadhouriyah, CEO of Muttrah Volunteering Team

Rahma bint Nasser al Tamtamiyah, head of Muscat branch of the Omani Women Association

Kanouna bint Said al Junaibiyah, assistant principal of Al Khadhraa School in the Wilayat of Al Jazir

Rasha bint Ghanim in Nahdiyah, a lady with a long experience in oil and gas sector

Dr Amina bint Aubaid al Hajriayh, assistant director-general of the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO)

Khadeeja bint Ali al Mafrajiyh, educational supervisor at the ministry of education

Hajir bint Hamad al Hadabiyah, an executive at Mwasalat Company

Reem bint Nour bin Mohammed al Zedjali, laywer

Sayyida Basma bint Fakhri al Said, worked at the university hospital for 11 years, psychiatric health expert

Jawhara bint Hameed al Maamariyah

Yusra bint Salih al Ghailaniyah, head of the board of directors of the Omani

Rahma bint Mubarak al Noufaliyah, head of the board of directors of Al Musanna branch of the Omani Women Association

Zainab bint Mohammed al Harasiyh, outstanding student at all educational stages despite her mobility impairment

Suad bint Hamood al Sawafiyah, a blind woman who obtained bachelor’s degree in Islamic studies and a teacher at Omar Ibn al Khattab Institute for the Blind

Lila bint Hamad al Shikiliyah, interested in agriculture and animal sector and owner of a project

Dr Joukha bint Abdullah al Shikiliyah, director-general of private colleges and universities

Nafeesa bint Jaafar bin Mohammed Sulaiman, financial expert at the office of the under-secretary of heritage and culture

Kawthar bint Thani bin Ali al Khaifiyah, lecturer at the Cybersecurity Academy


Naeema bint Musalam al Mahriyah, CEO at Majalis Al Atheer Events

Noura bint Abdullah al Badiyah, poet

Jasmin bint Yousuf al Balushi, winner of the Woman of the Decade award.—ONA

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