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Off The Beaten Track in Salalah


This young couple has explored the nooks and corners of the Dhofar Governorate savouring its natural beauty. Rohith and Swathi Shetty are die hard travellers. Every weekend, they travel to unfamiliar spots inspiring everyone around them on setting travel goals.

They have trekked unknown spots like Wadi Arzook, Wadi Ayuoon, Ayn Hasr and secluded beaches of Taqah that many others seem are pretty unfamiliar and yet to be named.

“Salalah is a boon for travel enthusiasts as it has plenty to offer and is a true treasure wrapped in natural beauty,” says the spirited Shetty couple who discover new spots every week.

In about less than two years they have travelled to most of the less familiar spots in the governorate well-known for its Khareef festival.

The couples moved to the Sultanate in 2017 from Mangalore, south India, and had no clue that they were being placed into a literal holiday spot. Since then, they have ensured that both have made the best use of their stay and covered places that are unknown even to locals.

The moment they update their blog with their travel images, they are usually loaded with messages enquiring the details about the place. In response to this, the new visitors who visit the place, again tag the couple, which makes them feel content about their purpose of inspiring.

Swathi who works as the Support Manager at Birla World School, says: “Travelling gives an opportunity to step away from the daily grind. The new events and experiences help you rewire your brain and boosts your mind and happiness.”

As the wandering couple they have been able to educate local Omanis about their travel spots in the governorate and how others really need to discover and how many who are yet to see picturesque locations.

landscapes which are awe-inspiring and many unnamed spots which are found only by exploring and at times just taking any random road. As prominent bloggers and use of social media, they promote awareness which they feel is the best way to reach maximum audiences.

“Influencers can play a major role by letting people know about the best ways to stay cautious and by promoting places which are safe to travel,” they reason.

Says Rohith Shetty, who works as Maintenance Manager for Port of Salalah: “photographs play an imperative role, as netizens usually are allured by catchy and awe-inspiring pictures. Landscapes, close-ups of natural scenes and textures, portraits, architecture are our first preference which keeps our followers engaged.”

The couple rely heavily on social media and blogging their travel details and aided by social media support try to serve a bigger audience soon. They admit that life will continue to evolve and both may not be active bloggers but know that travel and storytelling will be part of their life as ‘happy wandering souls forever.’

Travelling has so far been an annual regular feature of their vacation as they ensure that every year they travel to a different country which so far includes Georgia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka among others.

During their vacation, they do not post any pictures and hardly use social media so as to be in the moment which they feel is very important. Once back, they recreate their journey itinerary and try to inspire people around them by displaying their passion because they feel that travelling is essential.

The_happy_wandering_soul is their Instagram handle.


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