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Oman diesel exports top 4.5m barrels in 2016

Around 4.5 million barrels of diesel were exported last year

Conrad Prabhu -

Muscat, APRIL 11 -

Diesel shipments (also known as gas oil) accounted for roughly half of all refined petroleum products exported from national refining and petrochemicals flagship Orpic’s Suhar Refinery in 2016, according to the Ministry of Oil & Gas.

Around 4.5 million barrels of diesel were exported last year, representing roughly 50 per cent of total exports of 8.95 million barrels of refined petroleum products from the refinery. This included 1.9 million barrels of fuel oil, 1.4 million barrels of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and 1.1 million barrels of jet fuel.

These figures compare with domestic sales of petroleum products totaling 46.2 million barrels during the course of 2016, the Ministry said in its newly released Annual Report. Of this total, Orpic’s Mina Al Fahal refinery accounted for 33.8 million barrels of local sales, with the balance 12.4 million barrels supplied by Suhar Refinery.

Mina Al Fahal Refinery was the dominant source of refined petroleum products for the local market, supplying Mogas Super (12.9 m barrels), Mogas Regular (4.6m barrels), diesel (11.1m barrels), LPG (900,000 barrels), and jet fuel (4.3m barrels). Domestic supplies from Suhar Refinery were limited to Mogas Super (3.5m barrels), diesel (3.4m barrels), LPG (1.3m barrels) and naphtha (4.1m barrels).

Total output from the two refineries amounted to 81.6 million barrels of various kinds of refined petroleum products and derivatives. Suhar Refinery’s share was 43.8m barrels, comprising diesel (14.6m barrels), Mogas Super (10.4m barrels), Mogas Regular (6.1m barrels), jet fuel 2.2m barrels), naphtha (4.1m barrels), LPG (2.3m barrels), fuel oil (1.8m barrels) and propylene (2.2m barrels).

Output from Mina Al Fahal Refinery, on the other hand, includes Mogas Super (7.1m barrels), Mogas Regular (0.2m barrels), diesel (7.2m barrels), jet fuel (3.0m barrels), and long residue pumped to PDO (14.6m barrels) and to Suhar Refinery (4.7m barrels).

Of all the refined petroleum products sold in the Sultanate, demand was the highest for Mogas Super with 36 per cent of the total share, followed by diesel (31 per cent).

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