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Oman Across Ages Museum: A cultural & educational hallmark


Oman Across Ages Museum, a new national monument in the Sultanate will provide a new and refined experience to its visitors, especially the youths.

Being constructed in the Wilayat of Manah in al-Dakhiliyah Governorate, the museum, which is reportedly in its ‘fit out’ stage, is a celebration of the country’s economic, cultural and social renaissance since the 1970s.

The foundation stone of the iconic project was laid by the late His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said in 2015 in accordance with his vision to establish a museum showcasing the history of Oman through ages in both sound and picture.



“The project comes as a materialisation of the vision of late His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, who gave his directions to establish a museum that will provide an interactive experience”, said H.E. Jamal al-Moosawi, Secretary-General of the National Museum.

According to him, the museum will help make “a tangible comparison between life prior to the blessed Renaissance and the developments that the Sultanate witnessed during the last five decades”.

While this is the core objective of the museum, said al Moosawi, it will also provide a sophisticated experience to visitors with natural and cultural heritage in an interactive manner.

“While the experience a visitor gets from Oman’s National Museum is based on original artefacts, along with other supporting digital interactive elements, Oman Across Ages Museum will be a high tech monument aimed mainly at attracting the youth”, he said.

As per the project vision, Oman Across Ages Museum, with its location not far from the magnificent Hisn al- Shumoukh landmark, will shed a light on all political, ideological, social, industrial aspects of life in Oman including the international relations.

Being constructed in approximately about 40,000 sq metres, the distinctive design of the Museum has been inspired by the geometric profile of the majestic Hajar Mountains crisscrossed by ravines.

According to Australian company Cox Architecture, which is designing the museum, the new project will be a cultural and educational hallmark for Omanis and visitors to Oman.

“The museum acknowledges the rich foundations of the country’s past while celebrating its bright and opportunistic future. Forging a bridge between past and future, space will transcend knowledge of the country’s achievements in an innovative, informative and interactive manner”, says a note in the company’s website.

When completed, the Museum is expected to be the largest of its kind in the Gulf region. Visitors will experience a simple, yet immersive and interactive way of expressing modern narrative techniques which depict the geographic diversity of Oman.

“The project offers an insight into Oman through a comprehensive, layered narrative. The design works within its unique landscape to craft a museum bred from the earth of Oman. The Oman Across Ages Museum harmonises its topography with stories of human and cultural achievement”, Cox adds.



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