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Thumrait A symbol of desert beauty

Wilayat of Thumrait is one of the main wilayats of Dhofar Governorate due to its strategic location on the main road between Dhofar and the rest of the Sultanate. The wilayat is famous for fruit and vegetable cultivation like cantaloupe and watermelon that are sold in local markets.

It contains a number of archaeological sites and natural reserves abundant with wild animals like gazelle, rabbits, ibex and dabb.

In ancient times, Thumrait was an important point on the Arabian peninsula’s caravan routes. Frankincense trees, an important crop, used to grow in greater abundance than now.

The main occupation of the people of Thumrait is the cultivation of fruit, vegetables and animal fodder. They also practice other professions such as camels and livestock breeding, weaving, paddock grazing and tanning.

The wilayat is famed for Al Taghrooda, which is a traditional Bedouin chanted poetry composed and recited by men travelling on camel back through desert. Bedouins believe that chanting entertains the riders and stimulates animals to walk in time. Short poems of seven lines or less are improvised and repeated between two groups of riders often as antiphonal singing. Generally the lead singer chants the first verse and the second group responds.

Royal Air Force of Oman’s first station was set up in Thumrait. Originally an oil storeroom, RAFO Thumrait was created to establish air power in Oman. It was tasked with ground attack and intercept missions.

Thumrait has very hot summers and warm winters. There is very little rainfall. Some rain may occur from February to April, as well as June to August due to the monsoon.

During the blessed renaissance, the government has been keen to develop the area through the construction of modern villas, tourist villages, roads, parks and hotel apartments.

One of the major ventures carried out in the wilayat is Salalah —Thumrait carriageway which connects

Dhofar Governorate with Nizwa and Muscat.

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