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Transforming homes through chalk painting


By Swati Basu Das — From bright to subtle, from distress to glossy, from rustic to modern — most homes in and around the city are experiencing an up cycling of furniture and upholstery. Though not very easy, but trendy enough to catch up with the age-old concept of distress paint, vintage and modern revamp have found its way in Muscat. Chalk painting, a new colour trend in town, has painted homes helping happy faces bloom in every corner of the house. Though furniture and home decors of latest designs, showcasing favourite themes, are chosen well with precision, yet looking good sometimes get poorly translated to everyday life with daily use and unchanged tone.


Updating home decor at regular interval is the most popular trend, as most people love to play around with the idea of renovating and revamping the style and theme that suits their everyday needs and complements almost all occasions.

Matching furniture, walls and flooring, even fabrics with right colour match is one that engages maximum imagination.

Take into consideration a small decorative piece. It may once reflect the goodness of Zen/ Feng Shui or it could be a corner table with ornate details.  But overtime, they turn cruddy, loss their sheen and become imperfect as sessions of new invades your home. It’s nothing new.

“I have so many such pieces which seems useless; but chalkboard finish on walls, floors and even some of my old furniture worked wonders and they are all back to zing and matches to daily life. Most importantly it can be so easy with children as well,” says Amel, who is passionate about chalk painting.

The mix and match of colour and the theme chosen to give new touch to old and worn out furniture is all about using one’s imagination in shaping and colouring to give each corner new pastel glow.

And it is exactly what chalk painting has brought into light — what has lost its shine can be revived with sheer passion for the art.

What has gotten dull overtime can be given new life. Painting and decorating ideas where one mixes things to form new colour is a tried and tested method that never failed.

Most local ladies were found in love with the concept of colouring life to the old looks. There is nothing like understanding your own home and giving it a new and fresh look.


“They love vibrant colours, they just love to experiment with colours that suit best their taste and the requirement of their home,” Clews Everard, Managing Director of Sununu Muscat — a lifestyle management company that offers classes and workshop on Annie Sloan’s chalk paints and decorative paints, said.

“Rather than throwing away old unused materials or consulting an interior decorator for remodeling, people passionately prefer to give a personal pastel touch to the furniture and use them with a new twist in their room that revamps the entire decoration of their home,” she added.

“They join workshop and classes to learn the basic of it and then follow up to the advance level,” Clews said.

A celebration of colours that offers a visual treat in every home decor, painting has become a passion even when it comes to flooring, walls, fabrics.

As Clews shared, “Absolutely everyone has lean times and the ability to transform something modern to give it a distressed, vintage look or create a modern finish gives the furniture a much longer lifespan, thus making a home lovely with the right materials and just a little imagination.”

While its passion for the adults to learn the art on a serious note, children are also having fun getting their hands messy with bright pastel tone while creating magic on their photo frames, lampshades and other things that allow them to personalize their rooms.

With every new colourful and joyous transformation in each room, there is a sense of accomplishment that touches every heart with the stroke of these magic paintbrushes.

— axisswati@gmail.com

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