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Eye of discontent sees only the defects


Ali Al Matani  - -

One of the strange paradoxes in life is we do not see a clear and honest approach towards positive indicators for the Sultanate by renowned international institutions that measure indexes on economic and security sectors as well as peace and stability.

Rumours, lies and bad news are spread widely at a fast pace even when they have no effect or hold little value. Islam, as a religion, is very clear. It asks us to turn a blind eye, not harm, promote virtue and prevent vice. Surely, there is lack of awareness in society.

People continue with their approach. Even our media, which is mature, continues to act in a helpless manner.

Without any doubt, international and regional institutions appreciate the success achieved by our country. On the contrary, we find some citizens who are ashamed to even mention it, as if they are afraid of uttering a word of truth that could be claimed as pro-government.

They may be guided by others who incite them. They try to harm the State by reaching out to the old and young acquaintances, friends and relatives, acting without fear and deviating from the right path. We pray God for their and our guidance before it’s too late.

We find such behaviour in tweets and other social media posts when anything new happens in this land.

One of the strong evidences that reflect the truth can be seen in how the four big tourism projects in the Sultanate, in addition to two industrial projects in Al Duqm, are being dealt with.

Although these projects are highly important economically, they did not get full coverage compared with issues such as the case of pesticides in vegetables and fruits. In turn, this has restrained the neighbouring countries from doing normal transactions.

In addition, news about the Sultanate having been ranked sixth globally for cyber security should have been widely spread on the social media and all other mass media platforms, just like news of bad reputation has been widely circulated.

This reaches the extent where wise men would find themselves facing many puzzles that have no solutions, and they don’t even know why and for whom this happens.

It is relevant to quote what Al Emam Al Shafi has said about them: “The eye of content is dull of every defect. While the eye of discontent shows every defect.”

The utilisation of every space of freedom available in the country in a bad manner does not go hand-in-hand with values and principles on which we have been raised.

It also does not agree with the frames and regulations that differentiate between freedom and responsibility, as well as between mudslinging and offence, and constructive criticism.

Certainly, it’s not credible when we find all of these in one basket. We, of course, do not mind constructive criticism as it helps us correct the wrongs. But it should not be used with a “secret motive”.

Mistakes and challenges are there in all societies. Mistakes should be made because, if not for them, we would not have been humans the way we are.

There is no way but to correct mistakes and encourage constructive and responsible criticism. Only by doing this we can say we, as a country and society, are heading in the right direction.

Hopefully, some people would take off their dark glasses, replace them with those that are clear and see things the way they are.

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