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Prepare your body for fasting before Ramadhan, says expert


During the month of Ramadhan, the body of a fasting person undergoes hormonal changes which maintain the necessary vital nutrient supply to the body cells. For this, preparing the body for fasting, makes fasting easier. It helps reduce the adverse physical symptoms that the body may feel due to sudden changes in daily routine. Hunger, thirst, lack of sleep and a sudden interruption of caffeine and nicotine are among the leading causes of fatigue and headache among a large number of fasting people at the beginning of Ramadhan. There are tips that the fasting people should follow during Ramadhan.

Dr Abdullah bin al Murr al Subhi, Senior Specialist, Internal Medicine at Nizwa Hospital, said one of the most important general preparations for Ramadhan is to rid the body of toxins through healthy nutrition, enough sleep, and regular exercise. “For nutrition, one should adhere to three main meals. Give up snacks between the main meals; adhere to a diet rich in carbohydrate, protein and fat; avoid fried food, saturated with sugars and salt; eat vegetables and fruits that provide vitamins; reduce caffeine to avoid a severe headache reduce daily coffee consumption and tea and replace them with fresh, healthy juices that are beneficial to the body.”

Dr Al Subhi advised that one must drink lot of water and maintain body moisture during the day and avoid eating foods that cause dehydration, such as stimulants. “For sick people, it is advisable to consult their doctor before deciding to fast, especially for patients with type ‘A’ diabetes, kidney and liver diseases. If your health condition does not suit fasting and if you take certain medications, consult your doctor for the possibility of adjusting the time of taking them,” he added.

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