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Royal care for mosques in the Sultanate


Ali Al Matani  - - Years ago, I wrote an article entitled ‘He who built the Opera built mosques before’, after some people created confusion by reciting Surat Al Fatihah in the Opera House. In the article I wrote that His Majesty Sultan Qaboos had built many mosques before building the Opera House.

Each one of them is better than the other in all aspects, and they are aimed at reviving the great Islamic heritage.

The mosques’ engineering reflects His Majesty’s unlimited care and attention towards places of worship and religious sites, which can neither be expressed nor praised through writings.

They go beyond engineering and architectural creativity. Even the women’s areas have received great care and attention, sending a social message of clear significance and meaning.

We supplicate and pray to God to prolong his age so that he can achieve his and our wishes.

We pray to God to bless him with good health and to keep him as a blessing for our dear country and for its people of honour.

He opened the Sultan Qaboos Mosque in Al Suwaiq, as he did before in Sohar, Nizwa, Jaalan Bani Bu Hassan and Bu Ali wilayats as well as in many other wilayats in the Sultanate. They added great value to the Islamic heritage of those places.

In every mosque built by His Majesty, there is a philosophy that only a few know, and it is related to the architectural and

engineering style, and their significance and relation with Islamic eras. As a result, the visitor and the worshippers can only express their astonishment at the greatness and glory of these mosques for their unique building, designing and engineering excellence.

His Majesty gives special care concerning everything about these mosques by granting endowments for them, spending money on them or maintaining and protecting them.

His Majesty has fulfilled all the needs of the mosques, as we can see in the grand facilities there.

We find Holy Quran schools for both boys and girls where competent tutors teach.

These schools also encourage students to learn the Holy Quran. They have good libraries full of brilliant books for the benefit of students and readers.

Moreover, there are people who supervise their cleanliness and take care of maintenance all the time.

We pray to God to guide His Majesty’s efforts to take care of and give attention to

mosques, and may God

grant him good health and wellness.

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