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Oman seas and beaches you can take home


It probably is the best way to preserve Oman’s beaches and seas so you can take it to your home. Or for Shireen Ahmed, take it anywhere.

“I started resin art two years ago and I am addicted to it. Oman is full of beautiful nature but I was drawn towards its beaches as I have always been a water lover and a beach person so I thought of capturing Oman beaches into my Resin Art painting,” Shireen shared.

Shireen’s artwork can be combined with everything which allows owners of her work to take them everywhere.

“Today I make realistic Resin Ocean art on anything, be it on the chopping board, trays, coasters, keychains and everything else I think is possible. I use real shells, sand and other beach material which I pick from Oman beaches,” she shared.

Shireen did not come from an arts and crafty background. Before moving to Oman, she was an IT specialist in India and moved to Muscat with her husband.

“Being extremely ambitious, I wanted to get my hands on something which I love so I got into art as it gives immense pleasure and helps me to keep myself calm,” she shared.

Shireen shared that she started venturing into resin art after seeing paintings of artists from Germany.

“I was extremely mesmerised by those and they helped me find my own direction in the field of art. I was determined that this is something I will be doing from now on,” she shared.

As a self-taught artist, Shireen picked bits and pieces of her knowledge from different content on the internet be they videos or articles.

“It takes around one to two weeks to complete one piece as it has many layers and each layer cures in 24 hours,” she said.

Using resin as a medium was hard in the beginning.

“Initially, it was difficult to find materials as I was the first one in Oman who was trying Resin art so I used to order it from different countries but now I can get the materials with the help of a supplier who brings them from Dubai,” she shared.

“Every piece I create is close to my heart as I put in my imagination, my soul and my valuable time in it.

The pieces that I am most proud of are my Ocean/beach pieces in which I use real sand and shells collected by myself from different beautiful beaches of Oman,” she shared.

She added, “My art is also a way of campaigning. I also want to make people aware of the environment and encourage them to clean the beaches and help marine life to live securely.”

As one of the pioneers of the art, Shireen said, “Resin Art is very much in trend nowadays in Oman and the entire world. The only tip I have for people who wants to pursue this art is to be patient, learn from your mistakes and create your own unique style.”

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