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United for a better future...


I always wanted to be here for the 50th Oman’s National Day. I had envisaged celebrations with people dancing in the streets, parties, and schoolchildren performances: a contagious festive atmosphere.

Instead, there is this big shadow of uncertainties. Looking a little below the surface into where the country came from and where it stands, the cheerfulness warms my soul. Then, I feel energised, and turn my attention to the buildup process of the nation. A clear sense of purpose led the country to admirable progress. Unifying and inspiring with passion was the foundation for the achievements.

Yet, as past readings reveal, everything has its time and season. We can romanticise history but we cannot stay away from realities. The new world stipulates resolute priorities. It calls for examining old models’ situations; it questions needs, and it demands difficult decisions.

The commemorations for the 50th anniversary come with profound implications in many areas. Yes, it is repeating the rhetoric that the coronavirus pandemic brought unthinkable changes - not merely a weird social order. The average individual has no idea where life is taking him.

The country’s young population is in search of confidence and real purposes. It is at this point when I feel that people have the right to be better informed. We cannot toss the media accomplishments into the air. We can talk about growth, inflation, jobs or debt but if there is no context, citizens might not grasp how these big words can affect their lives. It is ok to talk about domestic economic contractions. Most countries are facing the same circumstances. Business either are closed or waiting for customers to return, lower tourism earnings, and falling exports are just some of the situations countries are facing. These are transforming the path of life known so far.

Educating people about the needs of a country, its governance, and fiscal adjustments are part of transparency and institutions’ existence. Raising taxes and allocating spending become a life or death sentence for governments but also the population. Taxes are to fund expansions and development projects, and other services. However, how the average citizen will understand these thorny concepts if they are not taught enough on topics such as savings, the use of credit cards, or bank loans.

Looking ahead to build a better future needs planning and courage. So, restoring dynamism implicates in responding to a fast-changing landscape. Without the right skills and realistic foundation, people end up on the margins of society. To avoid alienation, critical issues need to be addressed before they become chronic diseases in society. We just have to remember that cooperation is a prerequisite for any successful initiative.

That is when observing the use of ceiling on the flow of information, or information without context can contribute to false perceptions. The home media are apt to disseminate and explain debatable issues. Informed citizens can be a strong ally, and our media professionals are mindful. We should not have to be schooled by news articles filled from somewhere else.

It is a new Renaissance for Oman with bigger and multifaceted goals ahead. Technologies, sciences, economic and geopolitical implications are becoming greater. A visionary approach is not out of the card. The country has been reaping on the harvest of solid foundations for the past decades - but with the major transitions happening here and around the world, it is time to turn to other commitments while keeping the groundwork protected.

This is the perfect occasion to inspire, motivate, and realign the country’s objectives. With a strong force of remarkable young men and women full of urges and determination, we can only foresee success. Happy National Day Oman and congratulations to the people that contribute to the glory of this nation.


Sonia Ambrosio

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