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Wilayat of Dhalkout : Harmony between mountain and sea


The Wilayat of Dhalkout, situated on the farthest coastal strip of Dhofar Governorate, is one of the border crossings to Yemen. The place is characterised by its natural landmarks, which make it one of the most attractive destinations in the governorate. With the availability of rain water during Khareef and the trees remaining green in the hills adjacent to the coasts for more than six months, it’s generally believed the fall season in Dhofar begins and ends in the Wilayat of Dhalkout. The wilayat is famous for its crowded and long trees, especially the big-trunk Hirim Zairi.

These trees are seen on the left side of the road before reaching the wilayat. Beautiful shore stretching out from the Wilayat of Rakhyout to the farthest border region is another attraction of Dhalkout. While sailing past the tranquil inlets, it is an exciting experience to see the luxuriance of the mountains in harmony with the wild beauty of the sea. These shores are also the habitat of some rare types of seabirds and migratory birds such as magpies.

The four-kilometre shore situated in the heart of the wilayat is famous for its sunrise and sunset. Streams like Hazfut, Dhala’a, Sarfit, Zino and Quhud are the other attractive tourist destinations in the wilayat.

The most prominent landmark is the stunning nature and environmental diversity. Despite its rugged terrain, the Government of Oman has successfully implemented paved roads that connect the area with other wilayats of the governorate. As it borders the Wilayat of Rakhyout on the east and Yemen on the west, it has a strategic location and has become a gateway for commercial transport from Oman to Yemen and vice-versa.

Dhalkout is known for abundance of fish varieties such as squid and lobster, in addition to other different species that exist in Dhofar Governorate.

Dhalkout is similar to the rest of the Dhofar wilayats in terms of traditional arts such as Habbot, Al Raboub, Al Nana and Al Debarart. People of Dhalkout mainly depend on livestock rearing, fishing, beekeeping, farming and dairy products.

Since the Blessed Renaissance, the wilayat has been enjoying qualitative health and education services. The Office of Dhofar Governor jointly with other service apparatus work constantly towards providing and upgrading services and facilities for the citizens.

Dhofar Municipality supervises residential assemblies stretching out from Al Mughsayl to Diam Wafi in addition to other parks, springs and beaches.

Work on a water desalination plant in the wilayat is going on, which will help resolve the issue of water shortage and raise the production capacity.

Among other remarkable landmarks is Wadi Seeq, where trekkers can enjoy jumping off the rocks into the natural pools. A place called Khadrafi in the wilayat is known for its utmost fertile land, where plenty of local trees like wild fig grow.

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