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Wilayat of Jaalan Bani Bu Ali : Beauty, weather and unspoiled nature


Wilayat of Jaalan Bani Bu Ali in Al Sharqiyah South overlooks the Sea of Oman and borders Al Wusta from the south, Sur from the north and Wilayats of Bidiya and Jaalan Bani Bu Hassan from the west.

The wilayat is distinguished for its environmental and geographical diversity that makes it an attractive tourist destination.

Jami al Hamoda Mosque is a unique structure having 52 domes and a falaj running through the courtyard, while Al Hamodah Fort has been chosen as the emblem of the place. Elaborately painted metal doors and traditional carved wooden gates seen at the town’s residences, are features of the wilayat.

The town comprises a conglomeration of watchtowers, old fortified houses, forts and ancient walls.

Jaalan Bani Bu Ali enfolds a number of historic and archaeological sites like Al Suwaih archaeological spot, Al Oud, Al Kaffi and Al Majlaj mosques.

The area is reputed for many traditional professions and occupations like khanjar making, weaving, welding, goldsmith and silversmith, livestock breeding and many others.

The people of the Wilayat of Jaalan Bani Bu Ali are famous for handicraft and manufacture while farming is the main occupation. Shipbuilding is one of the traditional occupation practised by people especially in Al Ashkharah.

The traditional souq is located in the south of Jaalan Bani Bu Ali about 1 km from the centre. The people of Jaalan remarkably practise folk arts like Al Razha, Al Aazi, Al Wanna, Al Madima, Al Meghaidh, Bin Abbadi and Al Maidan.

The wilayat has a fishing harbour in Al Ashkharah and a road network that nearly covers the entire wilayat.

One of the prominent projects is Al Ashkharah- Shannah road that connects wilayats of Al Sharqiyah and Al Wusta and serves a number of coastal villages.

The project has achieved a societal dimension as it helps in boosting tourism, land transport and fisheries.

Al Ashkharah fishing harbour secures high revenue for fishermen. Fishing is one of the most important basic services that have contributed to the development of the sector.

The harbour facilitates the traffic of fishing vessels and boats, in addition to providing fuel, commodities, ice and all fishing requirements.

Niyabat Al Ashkharah is unique for its icy weather, sea breeze and wonderful location on the Arabian Sea.

Al Ashkharah experiences the autumn monsoon, and the light clouds are formed, which bring temperatures down to 22-28°C between June and September.

Al Ashkharah witnesses a remarkable influx of visitors who come to enjoy its beautiful weather.

Several options are available to the tourists to choose their camping, whether on the coast, on the soft sand dunes or the fishing harbour.

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