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Wilayat of Nakhl : Home to hot springs


  The Wilayat of Nakhl in Al Batinah South Governorate is located among Al Hajar Al Gharbi mountain chain. The centre of the wilayat is 132 km away from the Governorate of Muscat. The wilayat, known for numerous tourist destinations, attracts a large number of visitors who wish to watch the splendid scenes of wide plains, mountains and wadis that spread across different villages.

Nakhl means palm trees. The fort of Nakhl is considered as the biggest and oldest fort in the governorate.

The fort offers magnificent views across the valley and up to the mountains. It is easy to understand why this protective structure was built here to guard the surrounding area Nakhl embraces several towers such as Al Abiadhو Jabal Aqoom, Al Sareer, Wadi Mistal and two towers of Al Kanood and Bani Hadrham in Al Aqaibah.

There are many archaeological villages in the Wilayat of Nakhl — one of them is Al Ghareedh that was built of mud. There are many other similar villages like Al Gamimi, Al Yaarbah, Al Gabageb and Al Abiadh. The wilayat is distinguished by lowlands of Al Abiadh village, which are surrounded by a variety of flora and fauna.

The wilayat is home to Al Thowarah hot springs situated near the Nakhl Fort. The name ‘Thowarah’ derives from the Arabic word ‘to boil’. But it doesn’t mean the water is warm.

A twisty road leads from the fort where you will enjoy the lush greenery and date palm orchards. The natural spring water is channelled into the falaj system to irrigate the surrounding orchards. This popular destination for locals and tourists offers another surprise — natural pedicure. Just sit on one of the many rocks at the side of the wadi and dip your feet in. Small fish will start to nibble on your feet.

It is ticklish at first and has a strange sensation but after a few seconds, you get used to it and it’s actually quite pleasant. My feet were so smooth afterwards.

Tourists prefer to visit Wadi Mistal as its terrain and ways of cultivation look like Jabal Al Akhdhar. The place is overcrowded by visitors during the rainy season.

Wakan, situated 33 km away from the wilayat, is a well-known village in Nakhl. The area enjoys pleasant weather and its mountains are covered by greenery.

Several aflaj exist in the wilayat. Falaj Al Khatem in Al Abiadh irrigates several farms in the wilayat.

Farmers cultivate various kinds of date palms that are noted for taste, besides other seasonal crops.

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